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  RE: RiscOS STem
  RE: RiscOS STem
  RiscOS STem
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Lynx Forum

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  Atari User Issue 9 o ...
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  raiden, have i bough ...

Jaguar Forum

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  re: wrong kind of ja ...
  re: wrong kind of ja ...
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  RE: Atari Burial - T ...
  For Sale: Atari 2600 ...
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  RE: Atari Burial - T ...
  RE: Atari Burial - T ...
  RE: Atari Burial - T ...
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8 Bits Forum

  RE: Bit3 80 Column M ...
  RE: Bit3 80 Column M ...
  RE: Bit-3 80 column ...
  RE: Bit3 80 Column M ...
  RE: Bit3 80 Column M ...
  Bit-3 80 column boar ...
  RE: New Atari Retro ...

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Nemesis Indicator version 2.0 released!
This is for all owners of Nemesis accelerated Falcon030 computers. A few days ago I released a new version (2.0) of the Nemesis Indicator. New in this version is a CPU power saver feature that,...


CT60 and CTPCI Update on
- 3 CPLD + 1 special CPLD to test new IDE port.
- Fitting page with infos about IDE IRQ to be added.

Please send me email for prob...

Reboot releases a new Jaguar game: Degz
Yet another release from Reboot, this time it's a side scrolling arcade-style shooter, Degz. The game features two modes, one with an adjustable difficulty level, and another with a fixed, "arcade" di...

Suska release new ACSI-SCSI adapter board
Some good news for anyone wanting to expand their stock ST/Mega/STe. Suska has just released a completely new ACSI-SCSI host adapter, the first in years. Available now for 65.50 EUR. ...

Atari SAP Music Archive (ASMA) Update 3.6
Atari SAP Music Archive has been updated with 315 new tunes. Total number of tunes is now 4630.

Statistics: ...

ATARI landfill dump site to be excavated!
In September of 1983, Atari is rumored to have dumped literally millions of ET, PAC-MAN, and other cartridges, as well as unsold consoles and other items into a landfill in New Mexico. Now, a film cre...

CosmosEx - new device for your Atari ST

I\'m pleased to announce a new device for your Atari ST called CosmosEx, see this brief introduction:

More device details can be found here:

Photoline has been released as freeware
Gerhard Huber of Computerinsel has given a free license for the Atari version of Photoline, a professional image and vector graphics editor.
Get the Photoline download at the ACP page. ...

Eureka 2.12 Released
Eureka 2.12, a 2D graph visualisation and 3D modelling software has been released. Available downloads:
Common version:
68020, no FPU: http://eureka.a...

Extensive presentation on the Atari 2600
An extensive presentation on the Atari 2600 from 28c3 in Berlin from December 2011...

ST Recover, a new ST disk utility on Windows
ST Recover can read Atari ST floppy disks on a PC under Windows, including special formats as 800 or 900 KB, and damaged or desynchronized disks, and produces standard .ST disk image files. Then the...

Flop 55 (Czech Atari disk mag) is out
New issue of Czech Atari disk magazine was released at Atariada party last weekend. It is possible to download it from the Flop website....

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