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Information about Atari.Org downtime in early 2003. (March 9, 2003)

Contacting Atari.Org (read this before mailing)
Atari.Org support is made to support the Atari.Org services and website.
Please realise that Atari.Org is not Atari Corporation or Atari Games, Atari.Org is a non-commercial organisation trying to give Atari users a home on the web with news, forums, links and subdomains.

If you have a broken Atari, if your Unreal Tournament 2003 doesn't work well or if your arcade game from 1979 needs a spare part; Atari.Org support is not for you. In these cases, please try our forums at

If you have a question or something concerning Atari.Org that you need an answer to, please use the following e-mail addresses:
Use this address when you have changed your hosting and need the subdomain changed. Also use this one when you need to change your e-mail redirection.
If you have a more general question, not covered by the other addresses, post it here as well.
This address is if you find something wrong with our site. Something which doesn't look as it should or perhaps something that is inaccurate.
This is where you turn when you see a site with an Atari.Org subdomain that has gone "wild". Eg, if there's a site with only porn or warez, but still have a functional Atari.Org subdomain, please contact us here. If you have a SPAM complaint regarding Atari.Org, please report to this address so that we can shut down the abused user account.

Thank you for your interest,
Atari.Org staff

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